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What to expect 


We are so excited for Camp 2023 'People of the Way'. 

As a leadership team we are praying and expecting that our teenagers will have a moment with the Holy Spirit. That there will be an outpouring of the Spirit and young people will be forever transformed and set on fire for God. We want them to leave with an understanding that God is not only alive but he is for them and loves them. 


Together with encountering Jesus in a powerful way, we want young people to create life-long friendships on this camp. Despite being a large youth ministry, we believe that we are a close family and we want to continue to build family through this camp. We are expecting strong bonds to be built and a lot of fun to be had. 

Drop off/Pick up Info

Wednesday 27th September:

Meeting at Faith Christian Church Dandenong campus at 3:00pm.

Friday 29th of September:

Arriving back at Faith Christian Church Dandenong campus at 4:00pm.

Address: 307 Gladstone road, Dandenong North

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As a leadership team we understand that there are concerns surrounding the fact that many VCE students have exams coming up in term 4 and/or have holiday assignments. At OneYouth Camp 2023, we will be providing a study room that will be available to all teenagers who want to utilise this space. This study space will be supervised by a leader however it is up to the teenager to use this space out of their own volition.

Packing List

-       Bedsheet and blankets/and or sleeping bag
-       Pillow
-       Pyjamas

-       Warm clothing
-       Underwear and socks
-       Shoes
-       Slippers/Thongs

Tribal wars:
-       Old white clothing
-       Shoes (able to get dirty/wet)
-       Face-paint
-       Headbands
-       Caps/hats


Personal items:
-       Towel
-       Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap/shampoo, deodorant/antiperspirant)
-       Sunscreen
-       Medications if necessary
-       Plastic bag for wet towels/dirty clothes
-       Snacks (no nuts or products containing nuts)

What NOT to bring (will be confiscated if found):
-       Matches or lighters
-       Weapons of any sort
-       Valuables best left at home (electronic devices, jewellery, large amounts of money)
-       Vapes/Cigarettes
-       Alcohol

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COST: $199

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